jfm brought me to the jessica jensen launch at the thrush holmes empire last weekend. he made her promotional video seen here. I ate about a million yogourt covered craisins and got shitfaced on white wine. some girl attempted to fashion blog jesse & I but seemed to give up after not getting a good shot (chubby girls look chubbier on film. deal). this is someone taking a photo of that attempt (lolz):

in other news look how much thursday RULEZ...

I currently have two cats (obviously, I'm obsessed with them) and love having pets so much. Unlike most I like little dogs a lot but was sad I could never have one cause someone I live with has major allergies to the cats and pretty much anything you can be allergic to. I was looking up hypoallergenic small dog breeds today and am now happy again because one day I can have this lil guy (who knew poodles could be so cute?):


i could do this forever

I'm so confused.
Potential party, $$, fancy livin', or this low key, figuring it all out, poor homelife? HELP!
In either case, I'm going back to my roots and remembering why and becoming re-obsessed with dolls. The first one I would like to get is a un-reinforced wax doll, preferably made by John Edwards (I could never afford this) - his look like they're in a dream or something. She's pretty, but not great (left).
Or I would settle for a kewpie doll (right). I've had little replicas in my life, but never a REAL kewpie.
I may be losing it.


cheaper than the beer

I wonder if I'll ever have a job where I get a business card again in my life. I miss saying "... here, take my card".
I'm now working in an office 2 days a week with Tim McCready at 159 Manning. So if you have anything you want done or wanna talk "shop" I'm in WORK zone approximately 16 hours a week. You can email me at my *new* email address with any inquiries -
Next week I will be adding a few more hours on to thee old work weeknwhen I start working at the Penny Arcade. Penny Arcade is the best vintage store in Toronto, owned by the sweetest babe in town, and I am very excited to be a part of it. I work Thursdays - come visit, I will probably be steaming or eating.


sweeeet virginia

These are both insane delicious.
If I had both of them in one sitting with a diet pepsi I would die and go to heaven.

meadows of silence

Before Nuit Blanche I was sitting at home alone bored with the cats. I walked by Jesses bookshelf and a bright spine grabbed my eyes so I picked it up. I ended up sitting for the next few hours reading The Moustache and drinking Sleeman Light (not so great). The Moustache is a book of memories by Greg Curnoe's best friend George Bowering. Greg was an avid bicyclist, an (pop) artist and was the founding member of the Nihilst Spasm Band. George is a novelist and poet. When Greg was 56 he was biking in London ON and some asshole wasn't paying attention and smashed into him and the other people he was biking with. He was the only one that died. To remember Greg, George sat down every night and wrote down a memory he had of his good friend, then compiled them in to the book modeled after The Orchard by Harry Matthews. I really never want to lost someone I love enough to write a daily thought about, but when it does happen, it seems like it would help a lot.

(self portrait)

Examples of George, on Greg:

I remember one time that Greg and I drove over to Paris, Ont. I was fascinated by Paris, Ont. It was halfway to Hamilton, where David McFadden lived. I had introduced Greg to McFadden. Why not? Several other artists and writers were expressing interest in Paris, Ont. at the time. It had a neat railroad trestle, something like Lethbridge’s, but smaller. Eventually the poet Nelson Ball moved to Paris, Ont. I said whimsically that I would like to live there. It is a pretty little Ontario town. Greg wanted me to move there so we could have the Paris-London Correspondence.

I remember that Greg Curnoe in my imagination, when we werent around each other, was always about a centimetre shorter than I was, but when we were together it looked to me as though he was about a centimetre taller than I was.

I remember that Greg Curnoe liked the word rotten. That's a rotten painting, he would say. What a rotten movie. Greg Curnoe was a rotten correspondent. He always owed me a letter. He would telephone and say there, I dont owe you a letter, or he would telephone and say sorry, I guess I still owe you a letter. When he did write a letter it was a kind of jibe, a twelve-page letter in various pens and pencils on various hotel letter heads. He always did that fast painterly printing instead of a scrawly script. His letters looked something like the writing he liked to put on his paintings. He was a rotten correspondent, but he was a beautiful letter-writer.


shine on you crazy diamond

Last week Becky and Uncle Howie went to New York City to pick up Sasha and go on some j-dates. They brought me back a chocolate bar. It was the most delicious, beautiful chocolate bar I have ever had. I don't have much of a sweet tooth (or so I claim) but I do enjoy good dark chocolate. The bar they brought me back was made by the Mast Brothers of Brooklyn. Loving this Dark Chocolate and Salt & Pepper (sea salt, tellicherry pepper) I looked up these brothers and turns out they are really cool babes. Rick is a musician, and Mark is in to financing the arts.