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i wanna believe you

I heard today that the drummer of You Say Party, We Say Die, Devon Clifford, passed away early this morning at the age of 31. I feel terrible for his band, his friends, and family. I feel really badly because about a month ago I twittered something along the lines of not getting why people liked YSPWSD cause I thought they were awful. In turn they found this post and replied to me "we keep asking ourselves that same question....HAHAHA". In actuality I never even really listened to them, passed their stage when they were playing at Osheaga, and really just never gave them a chance, disliking them for no reason. Today I spend some time listening to their album, and they're really not that bad. So I apologize for my unwarranted tweet Devon and YSPWSD, and send nothing but the most positive thoughts. 


the prettiest of fools

My pal Sara Cwynar is a pretty amazing artist and girl. She has her grad show this Sunday, April 18th. 


keep your hands off of my baby

I used to be obsessed with romance and love, and now that
I am in love I stopped because I felt I couldn't be both partaking
and gawking. I am still in love but I think I have to, need to,
fall back in love with love, you know?


"they are fucking dolls"

tonight I watched DOLLS (1987) and it is intense and terrifying. the music makes it very Are You Afraid of the Dark but the "little people" make it next level scary. this really scary couple that have an inn and turn the guests into dolls. the little girl Judy in it isn't the cutest child of life, so you don't really feel terrible for her (the cheesy punk rock girls are pretty great though), but her parents are so mean to her that she starts to wear you down. every doll is pretty great and i would love any of them except for the punch doll, the mean dad doll and all the clowns.


5 steps to ensuring success

chacha made an art show. it is tonight. i am going to wear heels.