as I plead

michelle songs:
elton john - michelle's song
cody chestnutt - michelle
the beatles - michelle
guns'n'roses - my michelle
get up kids - michelle with one l 
OMG michelle and kingdom - bitch, you don't know michelle

....and please <3


to a loving healthy home only

best cooler ever. best victoria day!
(photo by new pal Ivy Lovell)


i'm taking the only thing thats mine

Forest Fire was my favourite find of 2009 and this track is my favourite of, so far, of 2010.



i'm not your money, man

I'm not in love with the video, but this sorta-supergroup including Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver), Gayngs, has a really nice sound.


he got a girl back home, name of dixie dawn

My dad, Ed, is obsessed with Jim Croce (1943-1973) and since you usually like what your parents listened to when you were little, I am as well. Croce's greatest hits has been the only cd in my dads car since cd players came with cars, and my nephew relates his car with Jim Croce, saying "Papa, put on the loonie song" (we have no clue why he calls it the loonie song, but this means any Croce song) and they seat dance and listen to it the duration of the ride. 


Jim Croce was a great musician, with better lyrics then any other musician whose lyrics I've paid attention to. His biggest hits were Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, Operator and Time In A Bottle. 
Jims life was cut short, dying at the age of 30 in a plane accident along side his bestfriend, and fellow musician (they played backing guitar for one another) Maury Muehleise (shown above with Croce, he was only 24), his booking agent, a comic by the name of George Stevens who was the current warm up act for the two, the pilot and another passenger Dennis. Jim left behind his wife Ingrid (nie. Jacobson, Croce converted to Judaism for Ingrid, SO romantic) and their son A.J. (half blinded due to a brain tumor musician and doppelganger of Jim). Ingrid now owns a restaurant and jazz bar Croce's, a dream of the couples, in San Diego.

Suggested Listening:
Don't Mess Around With Jim
I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song
Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy)
I Got A Name
One Less Set of Footsteps


teaching children to read

New favourite photographer, Viviane Sassen. Beautiful.