loves a blow

pals new videos:

& cute


you can fly baby, bye bye bye

nicole's really good at drawing. this is her new site.


embarrassed to ask your name

my blog is named after a book by Michelle Smith and her husband (and former psychiatrist) Dr. Lawrence Pazder that came out in 1980. The best-seller chronicles the doctor recovering memories of satanic abuse performed on said Michelle in Victoria B.C. at the age of five in the 70's. Though the book ended up being discredited, it's definitely a good read (think Million Little Pieces, all bullshit but entertaining none the less).
I couldn't find a copy of it for some time, but now I've been given all three different covers.


come inside where it's ok

my good friends Ben & Noelle tied the knot last weekend.
best couple, best wedding, best time.


i won't do your dishes boy

today I went to HONEST ED'S for the first time ever. VHS were a quarter.
I got:


fancy girls unite

see you in 24 hours