you cried me.

One time I was in New York and my friend Todd brought me to a venue underneath a cupcake place and this band was playing that blew my mind.
They were called Screaming Females.
A little bird told me recently they were playing at a new venue in Toronto on Friday, October 2nd and I was so excited. It's called the Garrison and it's on Dundas and Ossington. I haven't been excited about a show in a long time and here it was, the best show, coming in the next week. This little bird also suggested that with some emails and winks I could probably make this my absolute dream show by getting the BEST band RatTail on the bill - and it worked!

So this FRIDAY OCTOBER 2nd at the GARRISON come pay $5 and see a really good show.


Oh and also check out this amazing post my friend Dan did on the Rats.


because I want to

low bronze plz.

(raf simons 4 dr marten)