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spring 2011)


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America's Next Top Model is about halfway through the season and I've barely been disappointed with the cuts. I really didn't get some of the girls that were chosen at all though. Liz is gross and they don't even talk about the point that she has an eyebrow ring, Lexie had a horse face, and Kasey looked like she was 40 with those bags under her eyes. There are some awesome babes this season though and with the stakes being higher (thank god the prize isn't being in Seventeen magazine anymore and they have moved on to Vogue. I don't know why it's Italian Vogue because Italy has their own Next Top Model, but whatever, it's Vogue Italy, I'm not complaining). These are my top girls for Cycle 15.

Kayla is my fourth place choice. Her makeover killed it and the only reason she's not higher up in my ratings is because she looks best with bangs, which means to look her best she has to cover some of her face up. Whatever. Total babe, good personality.
Esther has giant boobs and is still in the running. She's a double G or something when most model's are A. She also has my favourite colouring of the girls and is Jewish. I love Jewish girls.
Kendal looks like an international model. She's is tall and stunning and has great hair. She seems a bit immature, but is actually able to dress herself for panel which a lot of girls seem to have a lot of problems with.
I never usually pick the girl that is doing the best and usually go for the underdog when it comes to ANTM, but Ann is as awkward as they come and you can just tell she isn't faking it. She is a tall ass girl and knows how to control all 6"2 of herself. I really hope her super shy personality doesn't fuck her over or I'll be bummed. GO ANN!!!!!



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no fear

Jesse can't come to this, so come and be my date! 
(there will also be work from my dear friend Sara Cwynar in collaboration with Tibi).


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this kitchy pillow really sums up my life right now....