push it to the limit

i am reading an "adult" novel...

tiny wells

another good flick of the weekend was Welcome to 18. It was actually terrible, but I loved it. It's about 3 babes that get out of high school and go looking for a wild summer on the water. Highlights include:
- having underwear ready in the glovebox to throw at boys that drive by
- playing poker against one another for make-up
- courtney thorne-smith asking for a coke at the bar and getting a baggy and losing her shit

The Zoo Gang & Welcome to 18, both highly recommended.


you make me wanna shout!

totally just pulled a:
(the haircut at work not wrist slit)

peanut butter oven

if my throat doesn't feel better soon i'm going to go fucking apeshit. i already kind of am. it's not even a sore throat it is the taste of ROTTING that accompanies it. i'm also going to lose my mind if my hair doesn't start growing to how i want it to. every other girl still looks like a total babe when their hair is in the "awkward grow-out stage" NOT FAIR.
it is insanely retarted that my baby sister is in toronto and that AA are taking all of her time. she can't even get ONE BEER. i am excited to go buy some 2$ gotchies and socks tomorrow though. not going to lie.
i think i might be having another quarter life crisis. the first one i landed working in a sinutab factory in brockville. i'm terrified how this one is going end up. maybe it's just going to end though and all mind fucks will just bury themselves away for my 3/8's life crisis, 1\2 life crisis, 3/4 life crisis blah blah blah.
oh yeah and all the fuckers that work at the toronto humane society and didn't realize something was TERRIBLY WRONG should never work again and get eaten by rabid cats. like they should end up like that lady that got her face pulled out by that child chimpanzee or something.
on a positive note: happy birthday to meli. can't wait for beers at dunn right with the best girl!


90% of me is you.

I get to see my sister this weekend because of ----


cross yer fingers

das ah riot

Today I bought some Lusti Professional Hair Styling Gel. It comes in a giant tub and was only $2.99. It's going to be my new style while growing my hair out.
There's a colour code for this gel. I would have liked pink (normal, for my first gel experience), but they only had brown, blue and clear.
The legend goes as follows:

Blue - Firm
Clear - Super
Yellow - Ultra
Pink - Normal
Brown - Protein
Green - Aloe Vera


make a list of who we need

this is the only song I will ever karaoke too:


yeah, you'll leave. but you won't get far.

i realllly like tweeting. i wish i could find more friends on there.