i am still living with your ghost

a.) slanket
b.) snuggie
c.) cuddley
d.) toastie wrap
e.) snuggler


if you like the sweat of ice

Holy smokes, the site, SELLECK WATERFALL SANDWICH is amazing.

Also, my pal Dan at Said the Gramophone posted another amazing Gigi song featuring Owen Pallett, his write up is pretty wonderful as well. Listen & read.


all the days I lost track

these blogs are great. so great. they are ran by the same man, who is very good at picking stuff. so these are as seen on, as seen on...

these photos are from blog 1, REFERENCE LIBRARY

these ones are from blog 2, STORK BITES MAN


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(photos from spring/summer 2009)


i have a digimon collection, world famous

(photo from my parents were awesome, thanks bridge)

Nicholes 23rd Birthday Mix Tape
1. Yeasayer - Ambling Amp
2. Caves - Points of Light
3. Golden Ages - The Knife House
4. Micachu & The Shapes - Golden Phone
5. Toro Y Moi - Blessa
6. The Generationals - When They Fight, They Fight
7. The Wooden Sky - Something Hiding For Us In the Night
8. Everclear - Santa Monica
9. Forest Fire - I Make Windows
10. The Fresh & Onlys - Fog Machine
11. The Bitters - WARRIOR
12. The Strange Boys - Baby Please Don't Go
13. Those Darlins - DUI or Die
14. Thee Vicars - Feel So Good
15. Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La
16. Sports - Out of Bounds
17. The Dutchess and the Duke - Mary
18. Vic Chesnutt - Glossalalia
19. Pavement - Teenage Piss Party
20. Rattail - Stars
21. Sharon Van Etten - Have You Seen


i need to leave you behind.

Lately Eric Stoltz is in EVERY SINGLE movie I watch. I buy a lot of $1 VHS's from different spots around town and when I come home with more then three, I am guaranteed that at least 1 will have Stoltzy in it, even if it is a minor roll. According to imdb.com he has been in 109 films, so this may be why. I am currently in the middle of watching Bodies, Rest and Motion (which isn't very good, hence why I am able to blog at the same time). In this movie Stoltz plays what I would think is his real life self. He is spacey, a mushball, and sweet, but creepy. Eric gets a sex scene in this movie with Jodie Foster, who is also a little bit creepy herself (in every film. She has that je-ne-sais-quoi of heebie jeebies that Nicole Kidman also has).
The first movie I ever remember seeing Eric in is Little Woman (1994) which I re-watch ever Christmas. Eric plays John Brooke. I have seen this movie about 100 times because my sister insisted on watching it every single night while she fell asleep for about 5 years. Again in Little Woman he is typecast, playing the mushy, sweet, creep (remember when he steals Meg's glove? They were so poor and he was so rich. What a creep).

Another movie I watched recently was a medium movie John Hughes wrote called Some Kind of Wonderful. Again Stoltz is a creep. His voice is very I need a shower now in this movie. His character Keith spends his entire university fund on earrings for a bitchy girl, Amanda, when he is obviously in love with his (probably actually playing for the other team) best friend, Watts, who he ends up giving the stupid earrings too. At one point in the movie he "practices" making out with Watts even though he can definitely tell that she loves him. What a creep move.
Eric Stoltz also guest stars for a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Where (SHOCKING) he plays
a serial killer. Meredith Grey takes a liking to him shows him empathy, but of course she would, she is a tool.

Other movies that Eric Stoltz plays himself in that I have seen in the last 6 months:
Say Anything (mushy creep)
Pulp Fiction (bad guy)
Singles (horrible movie, same creep)
Fast Times At Ridgemount High (creep in training)
Rules of Attractions (he gets a beej from a student)


keep my skillet good and greasy

This place is called the Bluegrass Underground.

It is in a cave in between Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee. It takes 15 minutes to walk down to see a show and they only have bluegrass bands. I want to go so much! I read about it while lurking this band called Those Darlins', they play their quite regularly. I think I can safely say they are what I wanted the Vivian Girls to be when I heard them the first time (I don't dislike the V-girls at all, but you know what I'm sayin'). There seems to be a quite a bit of gross counterparts to there band and image, but overall the tunes are pretty good.


the streets are full of regret

I was googling cats today (this happens almost daily) and I came across this amazing colourful drawing of one:

After trying to make out his name for a while I found out Louis Wain was a man who only drew lots and lots of cats. This cat was drawn later in his life, because after developing schizophrenia, he drew his cats with more colour, and cartoon like, with big eyes. His early cats were done with a lot of human attributes, but were more realistic. He illustrated numerous children's books.
I am completely in love.


because I was in love

I need me some pre-patched knee jeans:


all the trimmings, extra sinning, total fitness

I realize I'm about 4 months late on this shit, but damn, Bored to Death is amazing.