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I know these are, like, 2 VICES ago, but shit I love these Richard Kern shots.

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i let him get to me

I'm not big on celebrity "gossip", I obviously fall victim
like anyone from time to time, but overall I couldn't really
give a shit. Until now. Somehow the infidelity of Jesse
James to Sandra Bullock put me over the edge last night.
I have spent over an hour of my life googling this slut he
jeeped with and reading and watching interviews Sandra
Bullock has done talking about the love of her life. If he
was standing in front of me right now I would beat that
mother fucker down with a crowbar. No, I obviously
don't know Sandra, I don't even really care for acting, but
I feel so terrible for her. I am also aware that Sandra is a
bajillionaire and has an Oscar to keep her company but
I think over I feel like he BETRAYED ME!!!

I watched the pre-Oscar show with Barbara Walters where
Sandra very, very, truly went on about the love of her life.
I watched her Oscar speech where he cried his little lie
tears, while his 10/10 wife one an OSCAR. I also watched
her talk to Oprah the next day in the Kodak theatre, where
Sandra again went on about the amazing life she had with
her soul mate. I just think this story epitomizes what I hate
most about cheating - someone is made to feel like the idiot.
Obviously my heart goes out stronger when this kind of
thing happens to my pals, guys or girls and I myself have
cried tears over such situation, but for SOME reason this
story took all the anger from all the times I've heard of
infidelity and rolled it in to one big rage ball that I hope will
run over and squish Jesse James. Also, every girl, even if
they don't say it out loud wants to at least think the other
woman is cool or beautiful, but imagine if the THIS CREATURE
(negligent mother, forehead tattooed, white supremacist)
was the cheatee? EWWW!

(p.s. JJ and the hoe MET ON MYSPACE, OBVI!)


this place smells like spit

I am uncharacteristically obsessed with America's Next Top Model.
I have watched all Canadian and American episodes and feel
great disappointment every time one ends. Cycle 14 is now
airing on Wednesdays.
These are my picks:

Tied for third place, Jessica the 18 year old wife and mamma -

Tatianna, tomboy mortician -

Second place, Ren a hipster with tattoos -

Top choice, Raina super babe of life -


hobbit hole

Midwest - (5) Michigan St., (3) Georgetown
West - (15) North Texas, (6) Xavier
South - (3) Baylor, (6) Notre Dame
East - (7) Clemson, (16) East Tenn. St.

all the times I try not to cry

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