the dust that settles in my lungs

My dad, Ed, says that chipmunks are taking over his yard. To fix this he's been shooting them with a .22 rifle. I don't know how much damage a chipmunk can really do, but he argues that if he doesn't off them, the garden and yard will be in ruins.
He shot a squirrel the other day because it kept spilling the bird feeder. I think he's getting a bit gun happy. When we were chatting on the phone the other day he had to let me go because he saw the little guy flipping it over again. He put one in him, but then somehow the squirrel ran away. He called me back later that day to let me know he found him stiff as a board by the tire swing later.


find your friends

This is the first place I ever lived. My mom & dad were both in their early twenties and lived in the basement, there was little risen room in the front where I lived from the ages of 0 to 3. They got a good deal on rent because my dad acting as super. Mom said the only down side was the tenant above them was a drunk and would pass out from time to time and piss himself and it would drip in to their place.


our eyes are only seeing beauty

I miss piercings. I had a few in my days. I was one of the first body piercing Brockville saw when I pierced my nose when I was 16. People would stare at me at the mall. I got it done in Ottawa at Planet Ink. My high school boyfriend brought me and ended up passing out from watching it so they gave him some Sunny D. I can still put the stud in but it doesn't sit well with the short hair. I think I'm going to start getting some more holes in my ears. I want my hair to grow so that I can get a mix of these:



i do it for you, babe

I see these shoes all over the place, and much like subliminal messaging for things like dr.pepper, I want them.